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He was addressing on the 11th death anniversary of Shaheed DIG Malak Saad who sacrificed his life along with other police personnel in the line of duty.
Ambassador of Azerbaijan appreciated the security personnel who sacrificed their lives for safe future of their country.
The Day, he said, represents a new day in our history to show appreciation of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives and all that is precious for their country and showed that nothing is more precious than the nation, a day that represent the Martyrs' sacrifice for the sake of their future and the hope for the country to be the most beautiful homeland.
The martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country would always live in our hearts, he added.
Regarding the animals to be sacrificed, Ezekiel prescribes a bull as a sin offering to be brought on the first, seventh and fourteenth of Nisan (in addition to the regular sacrifice made on the fourteenth).
He said the whole nation was thankful to the mothers, sisters and wives who had sacrificed their sons, brothers and spouses respectively to purge the country of terrorism, and also prayed for them.
thousands of animals are sacrificed every year in the name of worship," the court said.
The item sacrificed to a god is a kind of gift, that is, it is freely given to the god while the god is not legally required to reciprocate.
It reinforces our loyalty and faithfulness to Allah, for all other loyalties become secondary as they are sacrificed for the sake of this loyalty.
2011(TUR) - Turkish aid associations sacrificed animals and distributed meat to people in need in Gaza during Eid al-Adha religious holiday on Monday.
However, according to Quran, Allah sent a sheep and it was sacrificed.
Individuals seek maximally rewarding relationships that are minimally costly (Arriaga & Agnew, 2001); however, the cost associated with a sacrifice is dependent upon the importance the individual places on the sacrificed behavior.