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Let them declare, whether the preservation of these articles was the end, for securing which a reform of the government was to be introduced as the means; or whether the establishment of a government, adequate to the national happiness, was the end at which these articles themselves originally aimed, and to which they ought, as insufficient means, to have been sacrificed.
There, not only vessels, but whales are sacrificed, as well as white bears from the northern regions.
A young girl is sacrificed; she disappears mysteriously from the eyes of those who sacrificed her; She is transported to another country, where the custom is to offer up all strangers to the goddess.
And not simply kicked out; long before that she'll begin nagging at you, scolding you, abusing you, as though you had not sacrificed your health for her, had not thrown away your youth and your soul for her benefit, but as though you had ruined her, beggared her, robbed her.
And whereas they have, all their times, sacrificed to themselves, they become in the end, themselves sacrifices to the inconstancy of fortune, whose wings they thought, by their self-wisdom, to have pinioned.
Stung by his old master's reproaches, he sacrificed his daughter and he sacrificed me--partly to his own sense of self-respect, partly to his conviction that the difference between us in rank made it his duty to check all further intercourse before it was too late.
The Ox saw what was being done, and said with a smile to the Heifer: "For this you were allowed to live in idleness, because you were presently to be sacrificed.
When he reached Colchis Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Zeus.
The spectators of the terrible scene turned with one accord toward the sacrificed woman.
On this occasion of Eid, we should not forget our those jawans, and brothers and sisters who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow and became immortal in history by laying their lives for the country, he added.
Mamnoon said that we should not forget our jawans, brothers and sisters on Eid who sacrificed their lives for the sake of country.
Some 200 years ago in the Kali temple in Calcutta, India, a male child was sacrificed daily.