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Unmitigated communion (UC) refers to the tendency to sacrificially care for others while failing to protect one's own needs within intimate relationships.
25-27 urges a husband to love his wife as Christ loved the Church and as He offered Himself up for the sanctification of the Church; therefore, husbands are called upon to love their wives sacrificially in the same manner as Christ sacrificed himself for the Church, to which the wife is likened in this context.
If love is the goal of religion and love is costly -- costly enough in Christian beliefs to say that it brought a crucial death on a cross -- then there remains no group that has taken up the cause of such love more sacrificially.
Magnanimous morality can be described as helping others in ways that satisfy three requirements: the help is provided (1) intentionally, (2) sacrificially, and (3) directly to identifiable individuals or groups.
Our committee members actively engaged and sacrificially served on this standing committee of The Florida Bar this past year.
First, humans are different from other animals in such attributes as the extent of consciousness that we possess, and in other traits such as our ability to love, to relate to others of our kind and to God, to bear responsibility, and to act sacrificially.
The Baptist Mission Rooms distributed small boxes for women to place on their mantels as a reminder to give sacrificially.
Day Geng-Xu cracking, Xing tests: the king hosts Father Ding and sacrificially conveys (to him) a penned ox; there is no harm.
Similarly, the sacrificially feted athletes of the ancient Maya's sacred but deadly ball games saw eternity beyond the hoop.
He is succeeded by his 'tanist', his deputy and twin, until he too is sacrificially killed by a new Hercules.
Girard posits that all culture operates in effect as a management system for mimetic desire, a system sustained by what he calls the scapegoat mechanism, a system in which a victim arbitrarily chosen and sacrificially removed from the community in a veritable lynching is understood to be at the origin of all social distinction, founded as such distinction is upon the difference between the sacred and violence.
HOPLEY - PAT May 16, 2011, Aged 90 years As loving daughter, sister, aunt, neighbour and friend, Pat generously shared the joy of her long life, reflecting the strong family commitment to her Mother whose long end of life she sacrificially tended.