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My son, like so many othersthey come back hardened, they come back wondering if there is that respect for what it is that their fellow soldiers and airmen and every other member of the military so sacrificially have given to this country.
For many contributors, the work they accomplished in this way was a labor of love offered sacrificially in honor of their ancestors in the faith.
Now, with thousands on board the project is gaining recognition with many schools and churches now joining in too, with children sacrificially sending their own toy bears, with a hand-written letter, to kids enduring hell on earth.
He wants us to sacrificially help and serve others, as
I hope Americans won't allow any further abridgements or alterations in our national moral fabric, which was woven together by the heroic actions of our founders and sacrificially maintained by their faithful successors through two world wars and many international crises.
Although we do have some of our funding coming from within the church (our folks give sacrificially to the work), this is primarily a mission bringing the love of Christ to those who live beyond the traditional church, and mission costs money.
Actually, Jericho sacrificially gave him up for adoption to give him better chances in life (which is why Paulo became so filthily rich).
Jean always had a sunny, optimistic demeanor and lovingly, sacrificially, always put others first.
But if the parents lay down sacrificially, accept the relationship their child defines, then it can reboot on an adult-to-adult basis.
All of the composite coatings exhibited positive coupling current suggesting that PPy/Al flake coatings were acting as anode and sacrificially protecting aluminum 2024-T3 (Fig.
The template was then sacrificially removed after curing of the elastomer to obtain the desired material.
The series' very first episode sets the tone, with its irrepressible anti-heroine Atia of the Julii/Polly Walker entering a temple, having a bull sacrificially slaughtered above her, and allowing herself to be drenched in its blood.