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Rooted in the Pan-Africanist political philosophy with its realist/statist conception of Africa's destiny, the framework emphasises solidarity among member states, the sacrosanctity of the African state and its present geographical boundaries, defence of members' national sovereignty, and the struggle for a place within the present community of nations.
The traditional approach to public management development in the APS reflected the sacrosanctity of two long-held principles.
How high a premium should the law exact from the innocent to protect from intrusion the sacrosanctity of that altar of privacy rights?
Maria Papadimitriou's Project for Two Towers: The White Tower of Pisa and the Leaning Tower of Thessaloniki, 1993, raised questions regarding the sacrosanctity of ancient monuments.
63) The sacrosanctity of both concepts, of Trinity and three estates, is implicit, in the commons' view, in the nature of their comparison.
The question was whether without compromising the sacrosanctity of those procedures some sort of reassurance could be offered to the chivalric constituency which Alfonso was intent on wooing, some gesture be made to trans-Pyrenean public opinion.
Suleiman December 3, 2011 -- Political analysts and observers alike thought that the participation of Mohammed Osman al-Mirghani, using his son Jaafer-al-Sadiq as a ploy, and Sadiq al-Mahdi, as well utilized his son who is a Colonel in the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), Abdelrahman in the very same trick, to form the so-called broad-based government with the National Congress Party (NCP), is like sliding into the abyss at best, at worst a mockery and a Political Suicide; and above all a fiasco to their alleged sacrosanctity.
Sacrosanctity of marriage contract and the rights and responsibilities arising out of it need to be propagated and emphasized through all available channels.
We conclude with the notion that any critical theory that does not recognize the immunity or sacrosanctity of contextual elements in the analysis of the African novel constitutes one of those "sonorous nonsense" in the discussion of African literature.
In an international legal order based on the sacrosanctity of the sovereignty of states, the interference of one state in the domestic affairs of another has always been a highly controversial issue.