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9) And caution rooted in modesty "requires that we go slow in discarding old taboos, on brushing aside in our projects the sacrosanctity of certain domains hitherto surrounded by a sense of mystery, awe and shame.
And there are those who live equally easily with the belief that some of the rules of golf are just damned silly and are prepared to challenge their sacrosanctity.
However, irrespective of the acceptance of the African state and the sacrosanctity of its political borders, territorial integrity and sovereignty, and an ongoing post-colonial debate about the essential nature of the 'true' African state, the 'falling apart' of some African states has become a reality.
For him the First Amendment has a sacrosanctity about it that approaches the resonance of Holy Writ.
Instead, one of its cardinal principles was non-interference and the sacrosanctity of the boundaries inherited from the colonial situation.