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The rising of the moon is more in keeping with the solitary ocean; and has an air of melancholy grandeur, which in its soft and gentle influence, seems to comfort while it saddens.
He had been disintegrated into a number of varied fellow-creatures--beings of many minds, beings infinite in difference; some happy, many serene, a few depressed, one here and there bright even to genius, some stupid, others wanton, others austere; some mutely Miltonic, some potentially Cromwellian; into men who had private views of each other, as he had of his friends; who could applaud or condemn each other, amuse or sadden themselves by the contemplation of each other's foibles or vices; men every one of whom walked in his own individual way the road to dusty death.
As to the last meeting between father and son, it was so touching that she could not think of it without tears, and did not know which had behaved better during those awful moments- the father who so remembered everything and everybody at last and last and had spoken such pathetic words to the son, or Pierre, whom it had been pitiful to see, so stricken was he with grief, though he tried hard to hide it in order not to sadden his dying father.
My dear, I must not sadden your enjoyment of your pleasant visit to the Engadine, by writing at any length of the sorrow that I am suffering.
There has been much to sadden me in our interview--my first confidential interview with her since her return.
The TD, who left Fine Gael in 2011, said: "It saddens me I have been expelled as a member for doing my job of scrutinising legislation.
What saddens me most though that you have merely jumped on media bandwagon against the church and Christianity in this country.
AS A season-ticket holder at Blues I am saddened by how low the gates have been this season, but what saddens me more is the amount of negativity among the supporters in the ground.
The Paisley-born 65-year-old said: "It saddens me how many young people want to go into the media or do media studies.