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She leaves the world less wise, less bright and sadder.
Mr Pattemore said he wanted to recapture some of his memories from a surprise 50th birthday trip to the desert nation which the late Loose Women presenter took him on nine years ago: "I've no doubt there'll be tears but with a bit of luck some of those happy, carefree memories will come flooding back to replace some of the sadder, more recent ones.
If you don't change things you're just going to get sadder and sadder and waste so many precious years of your life.
Washington, Sept 4 ( ANI ): A new study has found that people who stayed up for nearly a day and a half looked sadder and had more apparent wrinkles than when they were well-rested.
Pop music is getting sadder and sadder: A study published by the journal, Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts, concluded that Top 40 hits since 1965 have become longer, slower and sadder, and they increasingly convey "mixed emotional cues.
Erol Rizaov stresses in Utrinski Vesnik that Macedonia has never had a sadder Easter.
The funeral of Jackie Grainger, Ginger's travelling head lad, was all the sadder for Ginger not being there.
Of women to talk to when out Someone tell him barmaids don't count Tells of a life of non-stop action Going to the toilet seems an attraction He's got an opinion for every subject That special empty the room side effect Social nightmare, they don't come sadder Than an evening with the blagger In every local pub, every local town No wonder the boozers are shutting down.
His friends start to make their own snuggly shells, but Harry grows sadder and sadder at the thought of such profound change.
He always liked to joke with Mom, They laughed until they cried, No sadder man stood on this earth, The day old Tommy died.
The anti-encroachment staff along with police force conducted the operation at Jamia Masjid road, Raja Bazaar, Liaquat Road, City Sadder road, Saidpur road, Commercial Market to ensure smooth flow of traffic.
Now is the season, wisely long, of sadder thought and graver song, When ailing souls grow well and strong, Oh hearken when we cry.