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That is far sadder than 194000 abortions in my opinion.
Even sadder when it is your fiancee who succumbs to leukaemia just a few months before your wedding.
In the end you feel sadder for the woman who uses a reality show to find a boyfriend than you do for the gay man who uses a reality show to demonstrate to the world how straight he can pretend to be.
Therapy for both Becky and Kip and a restraining order are the result: and Becky, whose life has been shaken as if an earthquake had occurred, heads off to college, sadder and wiser.
It was after Carter's death that Stanley shifted from hard-driving bluegrass to an older, sadder, less adorned style.
Sadder still is seeing America go from a nation of laws protecting individual freedoms to a nation of rules based on group rights.
It is with sadness that I learn of the closure of Rover but I am even sadder this Government can't give help due to EU rules.
Trevor's work saving the Bulls from extinction, his commitment to charities and his incredible sporting achievements mean that while the world is a sadder place for losing him, all our hearts are a warmer place for having known him.
People try to smuggle here from all over the world because Tijuana has an established smuggling infrastructure" In the offices hang photos of illegal immigrants stuffed in dashboards and hanging from the bottom of trucks, but the sadder cases involve children being smuggled across to waiting parents.
And, if they can't make abortions illegal, the proponents of all these restrictions seem to make women who seek abortions feel sadder about it.
An orange extension cord hangs from the top of the photo and forms a tangle on the ground, as if linking the daydream of heaven depicted on the wall to a sadder reality.