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Robert Winston: successfully deputised on Safebreaker
Safebreaker was sent off at 5-6 to take the 1m handicap, but victory was not achieved in the manner the betting would suggest.
In the past, safebreakers were described alongside references to imagined crooks such as Bill Sikes, the brutish burglar of Dickens' Oliver Twist.
Presenter Ben Shephard is an old hand at game show presenting, having fronted 1 vs 100, The Krypton Factor, and more recently, Safebreakers.
Safebreakers is described as an "energetic new series that promotes mechanical mind power and problem solving.
SAFEBREAKERS MONDAY, SKY1, 8PM Think Crystal Maze crossed with Scrapheap Challenge, and you may get close to what this new eight-part game show is all about.
New series SAFEBREAKERS Mon Sky1 8pm Engineering skills and pure brainpower are tested to the limit in a code-cracking game show hosted by Ben Shephard.
There is the interesting figure of "Chicago May" Sharpe, for instance, one of many compatriots who descended on the city in Edwardian times to ply their trade as hotel thieves, safebreakers, and the like.
After reading it, you are left with the impression that pickpockets and conmen were busy fleecing the people taking cover in rickety shelters, which had been badly built by corrupt contractors, while, up above, the blackout streets were rife with safebreakers, black marketeers and looters.
Ben will be hosting game show Safebreakers (Sky1, 8pm) in which two teams compete to reach and unlock a safe containing pounds 5,000.
The Licensee began his life of crime as a burglar and became part of the notorious safebreakers called the Barlanark Team.