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Many months later,Charlie tracks down the backs tabber to the Los Angeles hills, where he plans to resteal the gold with the aid of sexy safecracker Stella (CharlizeTheron).
He played a safecracker turned baker forced to come out of retirement for one last job to wipe out his son-in-law's debt to a local gangster.
An alternately arty and disturbingly brutal take on the old ``one last job'' plot line, the film concerns a middle-age British safecracker (Ray Winstone, nicely cast against type as a victim rather than an abuser for a change) who's blissfully retired to the sunny Spanish coast with his former porn-actress wife.
The Hollywood heartthrob put on weight to play seedy safecracker Dom Hemingway in the film of the same name by eating two tubs of ice cream and drinking 12 cans of fizzy drinks per day.
Such are the perils of running a luxury stadium, built by ex-chairman and former safecracker George Reynolds, on a shoestring budget.
45pm) A highly accomplished gentleman crook and a master safecracker hatch a plan to rob a British Army payroll train carrying a fortune in gold bullion, destined for the troops fighting in the Crimean War.
Lord Justice Waller said of one-time safecracker Reynolds that in the 1950s and 1960s he was convicted of a number of offences, "largely for dishonesty", but in the 1970s "put his criminal past behind him and created a highly successful business.
Wahlberg plays Charlie Croker, a mastermind thief who leads his team - inside man Steve (Norton), getaway driver Handsome Rob (Statham), explosives expert Left-Ear (Def), veteran safecracker John Bridger (Sutherland) and techno-geek Lyle (Green) - in the daring theft of gold bullion from a palazzo in Venice.
REVOLVER:Rodney Bewes guest stars as Jimmy Charles, a man haunted by the grim reaper,alongside regular characters including the Safecracker,John Inman's Antiques Man and daytime TV host Dave Davids.
Stand-outs were Freetime, the heart-felt Weightlifting and old favourite Safecracker.
s winning of $453,617 is the latest in a succession of huge windfalls claimed by WinAJackpot members on hit games such as Diamond Valley, Cinerama, MegaJacks and SafeCracker.