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The FTC reports that each information security program must include these basic elements, but companies are allowed to select specified safeguards that are appropriate to their size and complexity, the nature or scope of their activities, and the sensitivity of the client information they maintain.
6: Workshop: High risk sexualized behaviour; Toronto; SafeGuard Training; www.
8-9: Workshop: Reducing suicidal behaviour; Sioux Lookout, ON; SafeGuard Training; www.
Safeguard Scientifics Investor Day 2009 - Safeguard Scientifics is hosting Investor Day 2009 on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 starting at 8:00am EDT at The Yale Club of New York City.
Microsoft has a strong relationship with Utimaco, and we are excited about their next-generation introduction of SafeGuard," said Gerry Albert, Director of SecureIT Alliance for Microsoft Corp.
1 "SafeGuard Dental & Vision" is a registered trademark of SafeGuard Health Enterprises, Inc.
CryptoServer with ECC-based public key protocols is available with the new cost efficient SafeGuard CryptoServer S-Platform and in the FIPS Level 4 certified SafeGuard CryptoServer CS-Platform.
With the joint solution it will be possible to use the proven two-factor authentication mechanism within the RSA SecurID SID800 hardware authenticator for accessing encrypted data through SafeGuard Easy, the market leading hard disk encryption solution.
In announcing the launch of the SafeGuard SGX Series, Steve Baker, SafeGuard's President and Chief Operating Officer, commented, "This new line of dental managed care plans again puts SafeGuard in the forefront with innovative plan designs by providing the dental benefit programs our customers are requesting.
We are excited about the opportunity to partner with The Principal to bring the added value of dental HMO benefits to their plan offerings," commented Steve Baker, president and chief operating officer of SafeGuard.
An audio replay will be available at the Safeguard website approximately two hours after the live broadcast.
Lenovo ThinkPads are the first PCs to support SafeGuard Easy full hard drive encryption via integrated fingerprint readers