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2: Therapeutic Crisis intervention; Trainer Certificate; SafeGuards Training for Children and Adult Services; Calgary; 905-889-5030
Select and retain service providers who are capable of maintaining appropriate safeguards for the information and require them, by contract, to implement and maintain such safeguards; and
Moshe Levy, President of Safeguards Video, LLC commented, "We are very pleased to sign this agreement with GVI, a recognized distributor of security products.
Identity Safeguards offers two tiers of protection and recovery services under a subscription program beginning at $12.
Obviously we are succeeding, as both of our car seats -- the SafeGuard Child Seat and the SafeGuard Go -- have now been recognized by iParenting for their safety features, innovative design and ease of use.
2: Workshop: Therapy for survivors with intellectual disabilities; Toronto; SafeGuard Training; www.
4: Workshop: Reducing agressive behavior; Oshawa; SafeGuard Training; www.
There is no price we can put on the safety of our children," said Steve Wallen, President and General Manager of IMMI SafeGuard division.
In the past few decades automobiles have gone through drastic safety transformations, while child seats remained virtually unchanged -- until SafeGuard," said Steve Wallen, President and General Manager of SafeGuard, IMMI.
The SafeGuard approach holds so much promise and I hope that its advanced technologies, materials and design will revolutionize the way the child seat industry develops next-generation safety seats.
Safeguard, is a fully integrated sole-source security solutions provider.
Safeguard, through its operating subsidiary, is a provider of professionally trained security service personnel for government agencies and corporate clients.

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