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In this representation, one way to maximize the safety margin on the left side of the equation would be to optimize the right side of the equation.
As Table 1 shows, half the safety margins in the severe bend condition were 0 or less (the median safety margin was 0).
Limited DFT testing for 10 J safety margin or abbreviated step-down protocols may be recommended in most patients (15).
Environmental Protection Agency-established thresholds of methylmercury exposure that were set with extremely conservative safety margins.
The difference provides a safety margin when reflowing temperature-sensitive components.
2-ppm safety margin could undermine the Lockyer lawsuit.
These, in turn, gave a direct indication of the temperature safety margin of the conductor.
In view of the small safety margin associated with the resection of mesenchymal tumors and the potential of malignant mesenchymal soft-tissue tumors for local recurrence, the primary tumor site was irradiated with a total dose of 70 Gy (2 Gy in five treatments per week over 7 weeks).
Sight-Rite[TM] is ideal for applications where visual inspection is critical and liquid output is required in a safety margin.
These active safety systems provide a wider safety margin without diluting the car's handling.