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However, in the early part of 20th century, the politics of the Punjab was revolving around few personalities and the Unionist Party maintained political balance among different communal groups in Punjab sagaciously.
As you gaze on the client's desperate neediness or erotic hunger from the sagaciously chosen heights of selfless, un-needy, enduring love, pause to consider whether there are worms turning in your own apple.
But, the grand reunion's organizers sagaciously took it in strideespecially because the "grand night for singing and reuniting" had many more uppers than downers.
And since Dahlan is sagaciously finding and manipulating gaps to reassert his relevance in a political milieu that continues to reject him, Abbas is lashing out in anticipation of a possible showdown.
Mileur sagaciously avoids swallowing the mistaken perception popularized by Series sportswriters that Boston shortstop Johnny Pesky pulled a boner by clutching the relay throw too long to throw Slaughter out at the plate.
Another particularly strong aspect of this book is chapter 2 in which Warren sagaciously brings readers up to speed on the current discussion on the nature of metaphors in defense of her "critical realist" epistemology (pp.
Wherefore, with a magnanimity, and excellent exercise of judgment, which are only the province of those who have acquired a consummate knowledge of human nature, and who know how to turn to advantage the extraordinary dispositions of those intrusted to their care, they sagaciously managed matters in such a way as to enable me to ride my hobby to a certain extent, and still, at the same time, to prevent me from giving a bad example.
Likewise, at Beagle Bay Miago, according to Stokes: 'very sagaciously addressed [these Aborigines] in English; shaking hands and saying, "How do you do?
Voters could bring stability to the country by exercising their franchise sagaciously, he added.
His sagaciously written account on Indus waters provides the reader a complete and in-depth knowledge of entire region's physiography and society.
The only other writer I have found who connects the Linceford case with The Scarlet Letter (and she sagaciously does not even mention the letterless Mendame case) is Laura Hanft Korobkin (1997).
lawyers learn that presenting a sagaciously chosen core theory (in