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About Sagacity Media's Cyber Senate: The Cyber Senate is an exclusive network and information triage, creating a common voice for the Cyber Security industry.
Levey-Baker, a former editor of Creative Loafing and the Florida Independent, came aboard the day we joined Sagacity, and will play a key role in expanding our coverage of news and issues.
Army spokesman General Asim Saleem Bajwa said on Twitter: "Situation requires patience, wisdom and sagacity from all stakeholders.
The Minister said he is happy that the ulema decided to maintain the atmosphere of unity and religious harmony by foiling the conspiracies of the enemies which is proof of their wisdom and sagacity.
Rahi said serving justice was a difficult task to do before God and Conscience, for it entails a great sense of responsibility, sagacity, discretion, freedom, and fearing God.
Addressing a media conference at Aptma regional office, he appreciated the sagacity of the leadership of two neighbour countries to grant status of MFN to each other with a clear objective to root-out poverty, illiteracy and obscurantism through promotion of healthy business activities in this region.
It will mark the day when the executive leadership displayed the sagacity and the foresight to give the role of the citizens a new dimension as they collectively marched towards their tryst with destiny.
I have no doubt that Chinese sagacity and thought will have a profoundly beneficial impact for the mankind, as a whole.
The consensus over the 18th Amendment, the National Finance Commission award, Gilgit-Baltistan reforms and the fight against terrorism are all proof of the political maturity and sagacity of both the national and provincial leaderships," the PM said.
He adopts Okura's classification of African philosophy into ethnophilosophy, professional philosophy, philosophic sagacity, and nationalist-ideological philosophy, giving each one chapter, along with historical background on the emergence of African philosophy discourse and the hermeneutical approach represented by Theophile Okere, Okonda Okolo, and Tsenay Serequeberhan.
Mr Bercow said: "It should not frankly be beyond the wit or sagacity of local authorities round the country to ensure that they've got the staff in place that the votes can be counted on time and the result announced accordingly.
The true meaning of Now Ruz is sagacity in thy affairs.