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Suddenly that old bloke in the saggy d ms riding a Segway eems forgettable.
He would show me this saggy pant--it's one of the things He did not do.
Or as my friend put it, "If you want it enough, you fix your saggy butt and go back.
Which makes me think that maybe youths in saggy jeans should get sponsorship from the National Health.
Saggy pants, according to common lore, started in prisons as the result of ill-fitting uniforms.
The popular response to the campaign proves that the saggy old cloth cat remains very popular with people of all ages.
Towns in South Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and suburban Chicago have all passed blanket bans on wearing saggy pants anywhere in public.
He thinks that saggy pants devalue learning in the classroom.
Speaking to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, Doctor Michael Prager said professionals who worked for long hours in front of a screen were ending up with 'computer faces' - saggy jowls, 'turkey neck' and deep-set wrinkles on their forehead and around their eyes.
Says stylist Anna Arora " The easy going saggy jeans look is hot and contrary to popular beliefs, sexier than the sleek, fitted to form look.
Here, he's taking a look at a gruelling eight-week diet in the hope it will transform his saggy chest into sexy pecs.
Grenada says it recently began enforcing an indecent exposure law banning bathing suits away from the beach, as well as saggy pants that reveal the underwear, reports AP (Jan.