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Based on the considerations above, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of wearing HS and LS on (1) ankle angle excursion during a weight-bearing dorsiflexion (WB-DF) maneuver; and (2) ankle joint kinematics (contact angle and RoM), kinetics (moment, power, and stiffness), and jump performance (jump height) in the sagittal plane during drop jumps and lay-up jumps.
In cases of lesion non-visualization, delayed postcontrast images should be obtained in both the axial and sagittal planes.
investigated the relationship between pelvic motion in the sagittal plane (Fig.
Postural sway in frontal and sagittal plane was measured by a Kistler-9386AA force platform.
All 100 players underwent a Biodex dynamic proprioception test (unilateral dynamic limits of stability) that measured their proprioception in the frontal and sagittal planes.
12 for the statolith in the tentacular versus sagittal planes.
First, it contributes to the maintenance of stable upright posture in the frontal and sagittal planes during gait.
Building on the first edition, the second is enhanced with horizontal, coronal, and sagittal planes of sections; indication from MRI sections of variability between individuals; and mapping of vasculature, as well as other updates.
In case of correct entering of the rod, the correct removal of angular displacement occurs both in frontal and sagittal planes.
A more detailed neurosonographic evaluation is done in additional coronal and sagittal planes, visualised ideally with transvaginal ultrasound through the anterior fontanelle.