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Last year's Scottish Derby winner had sailed close to the wind a few times, but stepped right over the line this time, eliciting the memorable comment from a Coral broadcaster: "Nicola Adams would have been proud of that assault
Leeds had sailed close to the wind in the first half-hour and might have had a penalty awarded against them.
Other brands which have sailed close to the wind this year include Beverage Brands' WKD, which came under fire for causing "serious and widespread offence".
Both claimed freedom for their people, both sailed close to the wind in public statements about government actions, were interrogated frequently by security forces and had their passports cancelled.
PHILIPPE SENDEROS 5 Sailed close to the wind with a couple of off-the-ball incidents.
Clonmel's sensational defeat of Nemo Rangers was one of the moments of 2015, but while 'Boden have sailed close to the wind at times during their campaign, they clearly have an edge in big game experience.
Nick Brown's Christmas card sailed close to the wind
In a stinging attack on the Barclays board, the Bank governor said Barclays sailed close to the wind too often, but claimed he was unaware of deliberate wrong-doing until weeks ago when the full scale of the Barclays scandal came to light.