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But Mr Huhne said: "The law suggests George Osborne and Andrew Feldman have been sailing close to the wind.
It's like you just start going and see what happens but sometimes it requires sailing close to the wind.
Birmingham City were last night sailing close to the wind as they tried to complete an audacious last-gasp, transfer deadline beating raid to bring Dwight Yorke back to the Midlands.
Fiscal measures have been used to deal with a few people who are sailing close to the wind and are in addition to the code of practice being implemented by the Portman Group.
Dennis Skinner MP, who revels in his 'Beast of Bolsover' nickname, will be at Durham Town Hall on October 11 to talk about Sailing Close to the Wind, his memoir of a life in politics (he became Labour MP for Bolsover in 1970) which includes his encounters with a clutch of Prime Ministers.
His reminiscences are called Sailing Close To The Wind and we are serialising them in the Daily Mirror over the next few days before publication next week.
Winning seven of their 22 games and sailing close to the wind in a season where coaches and players changed in their droves, McKenzie said: "Unfortunately things never went our way in terms of performances, and stability in coaching.
The ex-Scotland winger is convinced the devastating loss of TV revenue will be too much for a club already sailing close to the wind.