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They certainly believed that they saw in him the tokens of saintliness .
Perhaps this saintliness is why Pepin's line produced Charlemagne, whose own sainthood, declared by Antipope Pascal III, remained a bone of contention for centuries.
She is a warm-hearted and lovable character, if somewhat stereotypical, and her saintliness at times can be irritating.
In Chapter 5, the use of silence by women is seen to coincide with their saintliness.
Not just because of the weather, although that's grim enough, but because so many of my friends have an attack of saintliness and give up booze for the month.
They show the sacramental nature of membership in the Body of Christ, deification of all through Christ, spirituality in the Body of Christ and the saintliness of all the baptized.
All the standard themes of late medieval Jewish theology are represented in Najara's sermons--for example, the election of Israel, the superiority of the Torah, providence and retribution, charity, reasons for the commandments, prayer, repentance, the human soul, human perfection, saintliness, sexuality, death, and peace--but the treatment is by no means exceptional.
As an extra reward for your saintliness, the smartlygreen.
Negotiating sainthood; distinction, cursileria and saintliness in Spanish novels.
As fast with the putdown as she is quick to heave bunches of gladioli into the audience, she treads perilously between common sense and effrontery, pretense and insolence--a vicious critter loudly proclaiming her saintliness.
Express her understanding (hydrangea), saintliness (delphinium), love (rose) and protection (Queen Ann's Lace) with the All About Mom Bouquet.
Maybe he could do something on the compassion of Joseph Stalin or the saintliness of Charles Manson.