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Meddai Jamie Robinson, a enillodd 23 o gapiau dros Gymru yn safle'r canolwr, "Byddai canolbwyntio'n fwy ar y gem saith bob ochr yn gwneud lles i wledydd Hemisffer y Gogledd gan y byddai'n gam bach tuag at gau'r bwlch rhyngom ni a thimau Hemisffer y De.
Lend it not, sell it not, & give it not in to the hands of the wick ed for Zion cannot yet receive it or handle it safely saith wisdom.
Saith says flooding has been the main driver of loss.
This situation reminds us of when Emirates, Etihad and Air Arabia positioned themA[degrees]selves in the global aviation sector - and you can see where they are today," Saith added.
Golden Fable play Saith Seren on July 7 and it's free.
The bench dictated the order after Wasim Sajjad, the counsel for Saith Nisar, apprised the bench that they could not be granted any relief as the post of Chairman NAB was lying vacant and being a competent authority he could approve a pre-bargain reached between his client and the NAB.
Therefore thus saith the Lord G-d: Now will I bring back the captivity of Jacob, and have compassion upon the whole house of Israel; and I will be jealous for My holy name.
The Welsh-speaking actor told bosses on Brothers & Sisters he was going to a wedding when, in fact, he was filming Saith Magnifico on a ranch in Arizona.
Lullaby": O the windward--it is a sooth / that harbors through the wintering // O the saith it is a dormer / that bids the sooth to enter // and let us sake the seer my fro / and let us sister together // the singer lasts the secant long / somnambulism lasts formally // and let us saint the seam my frieze / and let us sip together // the singer lasts the secret long / but this somewhere lasts foretellingly
But Energy Minister Lenny Saith said geological data indicate the presence of another 34 trillion cubic feet of unexplored natural gas beneath Trinidad and surrounding waters.
I joined the seriously attractive Heledd Cynwal as her guest on Wedi Saith - wearing a dark blue shirt
not to cast aspersions on the Lady Morag, you understand, but just because it was the thing they saith at that time.