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Faustyn said 6 Pack will build upon the strengths of Novell's NetWare 5 and include enhancements that will enable boost network performance, salability and server management by multi-processor enabling all of NetWare's core networking services.
Their art, the artists hoped, would defy salability, repel the slim-suited bankers and their Mary Quant-clad girl-wives who just loved Lichtenstein prints, and cause "alternative spaces" to rush in and show the stuff precisely because it was so virtuously unattractive.
As expected, Novell Inc yesterday announced the next version of its Novell Directory Services (NDS), touting salability up to five times the current capacity of today's users on the internet.
Displaying a versatility - and, what's more important in Hollywood, salability - rare in any movie star and even less common among African-American actors, Snipes has scored in every conceivable genre and proved himself against a full range of technical challenges.
5 million sale for 14 condominiums at Trump Palace has spotlighted that building's continuing salability, something developer Donald J.
The ruling concludes that the expectation of being able to sell stock in any auction does not rise to the level of a guarantee of salability, because an auction may fail.
The new kosher food products entries were judged on the basis of such criteria as their newness, quality, taste, salability and retail price point.
Our staff's knowledge of FNMA/FHLMC/GNMA requirements, understanding of Flagstar programs and our relationship with Flagstar Warehouse Bank ensures a thorough and efficient monitoring and salability of our clients' loan closing pipeline," said Titan Lenders Corp vice president for mortgage banker business development Janet Manning.
Three judges-representing designers, major retailers and museum curators-choose their favorite in each category using criteria such as construction, value, design and salability.
The award for established California womenswear designers is based on creativity, wearability and salability.
But, she agreed, the stringent rules have affected the salability of the units in a negative way.
These risks and uncertainties include, among others, the ability of Capmark to obtain modifications under its debt agreements, adverse changes in debt and capital markets conditions, which may adversely impact Capmark's access to capital on acceptable terms or the value or salability of our real estate related investments; interest rate and credit spread fluctuations; adverse changes in commercial real estate markets; changes in general economic and business conditions, which will, among other things, affect the amount Capmark may earn on products and services and the availability and credit worthiness of its customers; changes in applicable laws and regulations; risks posed by competition; currency risks and other risks associated with international markets.