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But keep in mind that aging systems, unsightly exteriors or broken equipment will hurt the salability of the business and require additional capital from the buyer.
0 of NDS raised the directory salability bar to new levels.
The award for established California womenswear designers is based on creativity, wearability and salability.
But, she agreed, the stringent rules have affected the salability of the units in a negative way.
Document preparation and compliance is a linchpin for originating quality loans with reliable salability," said Titan Lenders Corp.
Zicarelli concurs that living rooms have no effect on a home's salability.
Most of the buildings we've picked up are getting along with their sponsors and salability is fair," said Greenberg.
If we can merchandise our products to appeal to the gift-giving crowd, we have a good chance of increasing the salability of our product.
100 percent mortgage document compliance helps ensure loan salability
3) Analysts have speculated that Eagle will try to sell up to 3 Midwestern hotels and the Ovation hotel may hurt the salability of any Kentucky hotels by further saturating the area market and reducing the hotels' appeal to prospective buyers.
has chosen to outsource closing coordination, title and escrow, post-closing and subservicing vendor coordination and delivery to Guardian Mortgage Services (GMS) in order to better manage fixed costs, improve salability on the secondary market and fuel even faster growth.
Leading Wholesale Nonprime Lender Partners with GMD to Eliminate Salability Issues Regarding Complex Nonprime Mortgage Documents