sale proceeds

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The secondary offering, which was effected pursuant to a block trade by way of an accelerated book build, raised gross sale proceeds of approximately Au653 million (US$1 billion).
I feel that I should receive more than a one-half share of the sale proceeds given I have paid more into the property however, my boyfriend says that we own it jointly and therefore, the proceeds have to be split 50/50 between us.
But even if the property is in your mother's name this may not mean she can keep the sale proceeds, since if no gift was intended she will be obliged to hold the sale proceeds for your brother.
Prior to the ETA, if the sale proceeds were allocated $15 to A and $30 to B, the gain would be $5 and $10, respectively.
It is very gratifying to know that the sale proceeds will benefit these many fine not-for-profit organizations that serve the New Rochelle area, including many senior citizens.
Management intends to evaluate uses for the net sale proceeds including investing in additional income-producing real estate properties and paying dividends to shareholders.
For the seller, economic performance occurs when the liability is included in the sale proceeds.
The court noted that the business was not liquidated and that the sale proceeds were reinvested in the business.
BOSTON -- DebtX, the largest marketplace for loans, today released new research definitively showing that sealed bids for non-performing Commercial Real Estate (CRE) loans consistently produce loan sale proceeds 10% to 20% higher than English forward auctions.
The other old rule carried over to the new regulations allows a trustee to include capital gain in DNI if the trust instrument directs the trustee to distribute the sale proceeds of certain assets (i.
If the debt is "nonrecourse," the full amount of the debt is included in the sale proceeds, resulting in gain on the sale and no COD income.
The Company has invested its share of the sale proceeds distributed by these partnerships in short term government securities.