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In the 1980s, the Lukinuks opened their doors to the public satisfying market demand by providing value-added, saleable materials.
Michael Howard, actually, for all his virtues is not a saleable proposition.
Although sophisticated farmers are familiar with killing out percentages and the need for an attractive hindquarter, processors reckon few really understand saleable meat yield or the small proportion of high value cuts in a typical carcase.
Whether the aggregate fair saleable value of the company's assets is greater than the amount of its post-transaction liabilities.
Fiscal 2010 annual sales per estimated saleable square foot for all stores open for at least 12 months as of March 27, 2010, increased to $289, compared to fiscal 2009 annual sales per estimated saleable square foot of $273 for all stores open for at least 12 months as of March 28, 2009.
Successful contractor - sportsmax to provide a saleable stock service to gateshead leisure services
The Zandkopsdrift project has three principal operating components: mining and processing activities at Zandkopsdrift to produce a mixed rare earth hydroxide and a saleable manganese sulphate by product; a dedicated seawater desalination plant 35 km from the mine to supply potable water to the Zandkopsdrift mining and processing operations; and a 16,000mt/y rare earth separation plant in the Industrial Development Zone at the deep water port of Saldanha Bay approximately 300 km south of Zandkopsdrift.
Xtend 19MDR not only dramatically increases the number of parts that expensive RTV molds can produce before being discarded, it also minimizes minor tearouts, preserving mold details longer, so no rework is required in order to achieve saleable parts, according to the manufacturer.
Saleable paper was produced immediately after start-up.
The question remains - how much longer can Sunderland hang on to their most saleable asset?
The target date for the production of the plant's first saleable lumber in Nov.
This will be a big mine, planned, at this stage, to produce 12 Mt/y of saleable output.