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Crigler's appraisal district is one of the defendants in a lawsuit the city of Austin filed last week against the state of Texas that contends that the property tax system is "unequal," in part because of a lack of mandatory sales price disclosure.
The average sales price for a home in the 4Q of 2013 was $1.
The median sales price for homes selling at $1 million or more was $1,355,000, an increase of 2 percent over 2013.
The median sales price for a detached luxury home in September and October was $1.
The median sales price was $184,900, up from $175,000 a year earlier.
The second-quarter average sales price for co-ops and condominiums increased to more than $1,455 million, up from more than $1,331 million in the first quarter of this year and from more than $1,432 million during the second quarter of 2010-a 9.
Fayetteville ranked as the state's most expensive market with an average sales price of $248,012.
When analyzing the sales price data for the 624 hotel transactions PKF Hospitality Research tracked in 2004, we find divergent trends.
Valleywide, the average 2004 sales price was $224,588, up 34 percent from 2003, according to a review of county records.
Although the client is subject to regular tax on what is now compensation income, AMT is eliminated and the total tax is lowered because the regular tax is imposed based on the sales price, not the value at exercise, Code Sec.
936-6(b)(1), Q&A 12 currently requires the use of an independent sales price from comparable uncontrolled transactions (i.
The list highlights counties within the Washington metropolitan area that have gained momentum since last year with an upswing or stabilization in the median home sales price.