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Since its inception in 1968, the HP Byron Nelson Championship has raised more money for charity than any other event on the PGA TOUR - more than $112 million for the Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers.
Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) has built a network at the site of the annual golf tournament to power video screens on the course, in corporate hospitality villas and to deliver phone and data service to locations where PGA TOUR officials, Salesmanship Club members, spectators, media and vendors are located.
But the key was less salesmanship than the sheer force of personality and the inspired intangibles of creativity run amok.
While documenting the criticism and dissatisfaction evoked by the commercialization of American holidays - campaigns to "Keep Christ in Christmas," for example - Schmidt also recognizes the symbiotic relationship between religion and commerce, sentiment and salesmanship.
You'll need some salesmanship and coaching ability but it's worth the effort.
And despite Ronald Reagan's skillful salesmanship, trickle-down economics is no populist coup.
For example, we want our brokers to be expert in the costs and mechanics of building out space, the affects of a lease on the corporate balance sheet, the intricacies of bankruptcy law, the mechanics of real estate calculations and the techniques of successful salesmanship.
When it came time to start his own business, that salesmanship helped him parlay his $1,000 investment-the minimum required to incorporate under Texas law-into an empire.
DALLAS -- Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers and Brittney Titus, intern at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, were named Agency of the Year and Intern of the Year as part of the ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program (CSJP).
Why I'm proud to be from Britain I HOPE that those people who frequently knock the monarchy and have condemned the Jubilee celebrations observed the marvellous piece of salesmanship put over by the Queen and her husband this week.
Using all the tools of the sales trade, OgilvyOne is on a mission to reinvigorate the noble art of salesmanship and the credo of its founder David Ogilvy who said, "We sell, or else.
8 million in sales, successfully stitched together a collection of profitable domestic and import franchises by using master salesmanship and a methodic approach.