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low explicit race salience and jury instructions that attempt to
Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between both topic salience and notification on the two key metrics of survey data collection (response rate and response quality) in online surveys among sport consumers.
But by playing you learn to live with it], and this is written with salience in uppercase.
To further detail the intersection of assessment and relationship marketing from an applied standpoint, this study will explore how one College of Business (COB) has leveraged its assessment results from its Graduate Exit Survey, along with employing the identity salience model of relationship marketing success theory in order to develop marketing-based strategies designed to retain and recruit students and garner greater resources.
To determine the salience of the stereotypical images (Question 3) the study will employ methods used in ethno-linguistics (Smith 1993, Smith et al.
In this study, core stakeholder salience is defined as the corporate values and management philosophy that dictate balancing the long-term interests of customers, employees, and shareholders.
The current study's rational for utilizing the racial-identity salience scale is predicated on prior research but also the ongoing and widely held perception that AIDS is a White, male, and or gay "disease" and therefore, one that neither affects nor infects Blacks women heterosexuals.
assigned different codes) for the church attendance variable 0% of the time, while disagreements over church involvement (30%), salience (35%), and religious quest (40%) occurred at higher levels.
Third, we hypothesized that religious salience (trust in religious values) at T1 would predict lower levels of substance use at T2.
The salience of an issue is a factor that looks to manipulate how audience members evaluate a medium (Brown, Mutch, Spoon, and Wakimoto, 1996).
We extend previous research by documenting how work role stressors and fatherhood role salience are related to fathers' levels of work-to-family conflict, and we examine the importance of work-to-family conflict on parenting stress and satisfaction of parenting and children's behavior.
If coconut water is truly going to become the player that brands such as Vita Coco claim it will, building salience will be key, whether through PR activity, sampling or television advertising.