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The company assembled in the long salle a manger that evening was such as one sees nowhere but on the Continent.
Why, our Lord Ruthven -- the Vampire of the Salle Argentino
Adrienne went through the ante-chamber, which served also as a salle a manger, and passed a small saloon, into the bed-chamber of her parent.
I accepted, of course, and as I descended the stairs, I wondered what whim had entered the old lady's brain; her son was out--gone to pass the evening at the Salle of the Grande Harmonie or some other club of which he was a member.
These illustrious ladies appeared so lovely on the sign, -- they presented to the astonished eyes such an assemblage of lilies and roses, the enchanting result of the change of style in Pittrino -- they assumed the poses of sirens so Anacreontically -- that the principal echevin, when admitted to view this capital piece in the salle of Cropole, at once declared that these ladies were too handsome, of too animated a beauty, to figure as a sign in the eyes of passers-by.
He continued to measure the length of the little salle of the Armes de Prance until the day began to wane, when he went out to keep his rendezvous with Mrs.
A businessman who suffered a breakdown after giving evidence in a child abuse case is launching a new legal action against De La Salle monks.
Lancee en travaux en octobre 2008, la bibliotheque comprend une salle de lecture pour les non-voyants, une autre pour les adultes et un espace de lecture pour enfants.
Desormais, les Gadiris ne vont plus au cinema ni au theatre d'ailleurs, pour la simple raison qu'il n'y a pas de salle de theatre dans cette grande ville touristique de renommee internationale.
La salle Karnak pour la vente aux encheres a Heliopolis renferme des chefs-d'oeuvre rares comprenant des ouvrages en argent, en metal alpaca, christophel et shefeld appartenant tous a des pachas et l'elite de la societe.