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So sally forth soon and find some properly-reared British chicken, or if you happen to be on holiday in France, look for Label Rouge (red label) or one of the other labels of assurance.
This became Camelot where the bravest Celtic fighters lived, ready to sally forth to any part of the Celtic world.
Afforestation has provided foxes with prime habitat from which to sally forth nightly to prey on lambs, poultry, curlew, plover and any ground-nesting birds.
And a base he could sally forth from to get his custom back.
She is not alone in stepping up in trip for today's race and, although three-time 1m2f winner Amazing Blue Sky may well find it of no benefit, it remains to be seen how handicap debutante Sally Forth fares, while topweight Curacao is another set to relish every yard.
Sally Forth from the anti-social behaviour unit said: "ASBAD reaches over 1,000 Year 8 pupils and gives us an opportunity to show them how anti-social behaviour can have an effect on local communities.
Yet only a thousand or so of Liverpool's fine citizens were enthused enough to sally forth to relish this terrific production which should have been a sell out.
Neither was the Villa fans' as their team's early struggles, and Taylor's heartbreaking injury, were enough to provoke the soberly dark-suited Gregory's first sally forth from his lucky seat in the stand, where it seemed as if he was being manmarked by John Motson, who was sitting just behind him.
Sally Forth, Anti-Social Behaviour Unit Co-ordinator, said: "ABCs are just one of the many ways in which we intervene at an early stage of anti-social behaviour.
But before the wrapping can commence, we must sally forth and buy the gifts.
25 The Flying Buttresses - Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth
ASBU co-ordinator Sally Forth said: "All signatories of the petition are being written to, and where they referred to a particular nuisance they are being asked in confidence for further details which may enable enforcement action to be taken.