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Salubrious could be heading for the Hennessy meeting at Newbury
Salubrious each-way in the World Hurdle, Thursday (20-1, Paddy Power) BIG Buck's and Annie Power are good, but Salubrious is a lively outsider to be placed.
Connections of Salubrious might also feel a little hard done by as the six-year-old made a costly gaffe two out when seemingly still full of running.
As on luxury yachts, at cocktail parties, In country houses, at the races, In Beijing, Berlin, boardrooms, park benches And less salubrious places.
the administration of this single variable, L-methionine, to her treatment regimens for diverse, seemingly disconnected, recalcitrant maladies--Clostridium difficile infection (CD), hepatitis C (HCV), and chronic superficial thrombophlebitis (CST)--had an unanticipated salubrious effect on all of these difficult-to-treat conditions.
Nicholls was overjoyed to get on the scoresheet with Salubrious (16-1) but his success was also tinged with sadness.
Tens of thousands of mainly GCC tourists descend on Dhofar during the June-September summer season to enjoy the region's salubrious weather and mist-shrouded settings.
The South African government also assured that Dewani would only be held in the more salubrious prisons and was guaranteed a single cell with a flushing lavatory and hot and cold running water.
The motorists typically have more money than sense and think they are immune to the crime that blights daily life in less salubrious areas.
Lewis muses on whether or not this natural plant is salubrious.
Having a campus in a less salubrious area would send a message to the young people of Merseyside that education is not all about ivory towers and elitism.
We're not exactly the most salubrious place in the world, but it's been a pretty exciting show.