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Such has convinced many since Finniss of the salubrity of the Top End's climate.
He did allow that "Farther inducements to migrate are offered by educational facilities, salubrity of the climate or cheapness of living," (1885:168) but the overall thrust of his work is on the economic motivation for migration.
Otherwise, in spite of the great sudden changes of temperature of our climate, I must praise its salubrity.
Rauch, Frederick Law Olmsted, and the Search for Salubrity," Bulletin of the History of Medicine 74, no.
confute this putative salubrity of the air") most of the early novels describe "a gentleman" in dramatic if ordinary circumstances of love and indifference, of doubt and mistrust, of experiencing the relief that comes with romantic rejection.
The antidotes with which philosophy has medicated the cup of life, to paraphrase Seneca, cannot give it salubrity or sweetness; they can at best allay its bitterness and temper its malignity.
Rotenberg, Robert, 1993, On the Salubrity of Sites , dans Robert Rotengerg et Gary McDonogh (dir.