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30am The Cathedral Eucharist, Introit: Coventry Litany - Holroyde, Mass jacobusmis - de Kort, O salutaris hostia - de la Rue.
10am The Cathedral Eucharist, Introit: Veni Sancte Spiritus - Byrd, Jackson in G, O salutaris hostia - Gowland.
There was nothing cosy in soprano Claire Wild's solo O Salutaris - really impassioned and delightfully sung.
The final movement, O Salutaris, is marked "Lent" and set as a chorale, ending with a pianissimo Amen.
minus salutaris quam festivus, de optimo reipublicae statu deque nova
Urak (MR); 1 [male], mont Csik, Kaszon, Salutaris [46[degrees]13'N, 26[degrees]08'E], 10-31 July 1943, Szekessy (HNHM); 1 [male], Tordai salty lake [46[degrees]33'N, 23[degrees]47'E], 10 May 1904, L.
In the 14th century, alongside Latin non-liturgical compositions that are most probably from the tradition of student songs (Prima declinatio, O quantum solicitor, or the Latin-Czech carol More festi querimus) there begin to appear on the one hand Czech translations of original Latin lais (O, Maria, matko bozie [Oh Mary, Mother of God] or O, Maria, matko milostiva [Oh, Mary, Gracious Mother]), and also Czech translations of excerpts from liturgical chants (O salutaris hostia--O spasitelna obeti or O lux beatissima--Ach, svetlosti blazena), and on the other hand original Czech songs (for example Otep myrry, which is a paraphrase of an excerpt from Solomon's Song of Songs).
5) That latter synod, securely dated to spring 256, had reaffirmed the position taken at the earlier synod: "statuentes unum baptisma esse quod sit in ecclesia catholica constitutum ac per hoc non rebaptizari sed baptizari a nobis quicumque ab adultera et profana aqua uenientes abluendi sint et sanctificandi salutaris aquae ueritate.
I remember our pastor walking the host slowly around the church, blessing the congregation, while my classmates and I sang O Salutaris Hostia, dutifully stumbling through the intricate Latin.
7) Secretum III: 136: "Profecto enim etsi mortalis esset anima, immortalem tamen extimare melius foret, errorque ille salutaris videri posset virtutis incutens amorem; que, quamvis etiam spe premii sublata per se ipsam expetenda sit, desiderium tamen eius proculdubio, proposita anime mortalitate, lentesceret; contrarque licet medax venture vite promissio ad excitandum animos mortalium non nefficax videretur.
There was also an exquisite performance of Faure's ever popular Cantiquede Jean Racine,as well as Auber's O salutaris hostia,in an edition by Liverpool University music lecturer Judith Blezzard.