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It's very tiring, you keep on flying and saluting,' he said, eliciting laughter from the crowd at the army camp.
The following day we were on saluting drill, and each one of us tried to outdo the other in our flow of language.
York was granted saluting status in 1971 and is the only city outside the four UK capitals where such a ceremony can be held.
A man who, now 78, walked into a Van Nuys banquet room Thursday night to face a standing-room-only crowd of men - most of them veterans, saluting him - and women applauding him, many with tears in their eyes.
In the last issue, Tom Robinson claimed that an RAF air commodore once told him that when he saluted an officer, "you are saluting the uniform and not necessarily the individual".
The members of the Elijah Voice Society refuse to salute for similar reasons, but also stress, like the Witnesses, that they are not under the authority of any earthly government and view acts such as saluting to be seditious.
Saluting is as simple as a few clicks, and the three cities with the most salutes will earn rewards - such as an athletic field refurbishment or athletic equipment - for their local military community from USAA.
Di Canio was fined pounds 6,750 for saluting at the end of a derby with Roma in January.
This year's concert will take on added meaning in saluting all those in our nation's history who have sacrificed for the cause of freedom, justice, and liberty," said DAV National Commander George H.