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In our study, 25% of kidneys with no demonstrable cortex were salvageable.
Treatment options include nephrectomy when there is no salvageable kidney function or pyeloplasty and pyelotomy when some kidney function can be preserved.
These characters are more salvageable than many real-life homeless teens since they are not addicted to hard drugs, nor do they sell their bodies under the tight control of pimps.
This applies just as much to reusable and salvageable building materials from structures scheduled for demolishing, as it does to ordinary newspapers and soda cans.
have been developing new MR techniques to demostrate the damage from a stroke while it is actually happening, with a goal of differentiating brain tissue that is potentially salvageable from tissue that already is injured irreversibly by a stroke.
A large percentage of the exterior was salvageable and other pieces were replicated at a foundry in Alabama.
The bulk of the salvageable material was found in the main area (the central 480 square feet) of the two-story barn.
He and many young white men are easily salvageable.
Depending on what caused its demise, there are a couple of salvageable parts you should consider.
Bob Lipscomb, director of the Harrison County Library System, surveyed the damage after the hurricane only to find very few salvageable materials.
Private organizations like AMERICAN FORESTS and The Nature Conservancy were either purchasing critical acreage or seeking to reclaim salvageable acres by restoring trees.