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How I longed for the almost miraculous healing power of the strange salves and lotions of the green Martian women.
Neither of us had come through the conflict unscathed, but the marvelous, healing salves of Barsoom had sufficed, overnight, to make us as good as new.
This is illustrated in no better way than by observing the conduct of the old-school type of Southern gentleman when he is in contact with his former salves or their descendants.
He is a seller of pills and salves, very learned in humors, and rheums, and fluxes, and all manner of ailments.
Improvement required is for all marketing of Sarcoid Cleansing Salve to cease until such time as the product has either obtained a marketing authorisation or all the product material has been amended so that it is no longer presented for the treatment of an adverse health condition.
Only your lordships can pass an order, Salve told the bench.
Choosing to add cloves to this antibacterial and healing salve has proven, in our home, to help relieve pain from minor cuts and scrapes.
He said: "No other band represents the Mathew Street Festival better than Dios Salve a la Reina.
With most of their products containing no grain or gluten, Salve Naturals aims to provide healthier skin care options for people with sensitivities.
In the letter, copies of which have been also sent to the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, salve termed this practice as discriminatory and unconstitutional, and said that the system has to change as rulers of the public have no right to inconvenience the public.
Another Amish-inspired product found in many medicine cabinets is a salve used for burns.
Leona Misto, vice ident for mission integration at Salve Regina, the pledge represented an endorsement of the coalition's purpose but also of the school's.