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But--as a man who had been matchless held In cunning, over-reached where least he thought, To salve his credit, and for very spite, Still will be tempting him who foils him still, And never cease, though to his shame the more; Or as a swarm of flies in vintage-time, About the wine-press where sweet must is poured, Beat off, returns as oft with humming sound; Or surging waves against a solid rock, Though all to shivers dashed, the assault renew, (Vain battery
Charles Powell in an earnest tone but looking at us as though he expected to be met by a laugh of derision and were half prepared to salve his reputation for common sense by joining in it.
Why then, upon my soul," cries Benjamin, "it would require a great deal of art to keep you from being well after a very few dressings; and if you will suffer me to apply some salve of mine, I will answer for the success.
And I remember she dressed it with some kind of salve.
Salve offers three product lines: freshly hand-made-to-order emergency salves infused with healing herbs, completely unscented skin care for sensitive consumers, and products premised on Ayurvedic medicine that have been gently infused with pure essential oils.
Then I found out that an oncologist friend who practiced integrative medicine found cancer salves to be safe and effective on many of his patients.
For Amish and Mennonites, salves and ointments made from these very same plants are trusted staples in almost every medicine cabinet.
Las 7 Salves de La Magdalena: 7 Songs of Praise for the Magdalene, Raquel Z.
Au moins 26 insurges islamistes ont ete tues en moins de 24 heures par trois salves de missiles tires par des drones americains dans le nord-ouest du Pakistan, oE la CIA cible regulierement les talibans .
For more information on homemade salves, take a look at The Natural Herb Book, by John Lust or The Encyclopedia of Herbs, by Deni Brown.
Wouldn't it be great to spend a sunny Monday morning harvesting flowers and plants, only to wash and process them into beautiful herb vinegars, healing salves, aromatic soaps and lotions during the week?
Lip salves are not usually the most glam of beauty products: they're a bit dull, to be honest.