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efforts of the salvor [ ]" and "the risk of liability.
On April 9, five ROK divers from the Sea Salvage and Rescue Unit (SSU) came aboard Salvor to perform joint diving operations.
159) Instead, salvage rewards the salvor with a generous and liberal percentage of the value of the saved vessel and/or its cargo and contents.
Such was the case at Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland and Virginia in 1996, when the Commonwealth of Virginia issued permits for a salvor to search for the remains of a pair of Spanish ships that sank 200 years ago.
In granting such a large proportion of the find to the salvor, the judge praised the enterprise of the CADG, but also pointed to the care taken by the CADG during recovery of fragile items and the educational and scientific benefits that accrued from the work (Lytle & Delgado 1997: 92-4).
Would fly-by-night salvors pillage willy-nilly, blasting the historic hull apart to sack it for valuables?
Jet skiers, divers, fishermen, ocean freighter operators, treasure salvors, and boaters all exert pressure on Florida Keys marine resources.
If a private actor rescues an ancient shipwreck, thus being considered a salvor, she is entitled to obtain a legal judgment granting her a reward.
at 1472-73 (distinguishing Treasure Salvors, in which the property under dispute was in possession of the state, from the present case, in which it was not, and holding that the longstanding assumption of the federal courts' "in rem admiralty jursidiction over vessels that are not in the possession of a sovereign" supports federal jurisdiction over the vessel despite the Eleventh Amendment).
Sailor, Salthouse, Salvor, Snaefel, Starling, Stork, St.
PN1 Drew Breeden, assigned to the rescue and salvage ship USS Salvor (ARS 52), his wife and two sons, watch a tape of Breeden playing the "Wheel of Fortune" game show.
We take heart from cases like the shipwreck of the Atocha, which seemed lost at the district court level but was won during the appeals process, granting the salvor the majority of the coins and artifacts from that shipwreck.