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The first and most important plus of the Salvo is that at the full 12-inch length, the sound produced by the shotgun blast at the muzzle is reduced to 136.
Jassem city, along with Al-Yarmook refugee camp, is now subject to heavy artillery and missile salvos.
25, the team extended its list of successes by shooting down several salvos of two Katyusha rockets fired in rapid succession.
For more information, or to donate online, please visit the Salvos Rural Appeal website www.
GAZA, June 23 (KUNA) -- Palestinian gunners entrenched in Gaza Strip unleashed a fresh salvo of missiles on Saturday targeting southern Israel, a spokesman of the Israeli Army said.
As ACTEW Water transforms to its new identity of Icon Water in the New Year, we ll continue to support great organisations such as the Salvos in a range of ways as we have done for many years.
A salvo is a group of 5 five-letter words selected in an attempt to deduce your opponent's word.
The Salvo Truck Dock Interlock System, from Castell International, a manufacturer of safety interlock products in Europe, has now been introduced to the USA.
Industrial safety specialist CASTELL has redesigned Salvo Chock, its interlocking wheel chock, to improve its technical specifications and operational performance.
DockSafe uses Traka's immobiliser system to control access both to the loading bay and Castell's Salvo Susie mechanical locking device.
Castell Safety international has launched a new control panel for its Salvo range of drive-away prevention products.
Salvo consists of a mechanical key-holding cylindrical lock, which is attached to the articulated trailer's emergency air line, and an electromechanical lock inside the warehouse, fitted to the loading bay door.