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The Salvation Army encourages anyone seeking help to contact the Salvos Care Line on 1300 36 36 22.
Jassem city, along with Al-Yarmook refugee camp, is now subject to heavy artillery and missile salvos.
We re calling for donations of food items or gifts, including canned goods, clothing and cosmetics that can be provided via the Salvo s appeal.
GAZA, June 23 (KUNA) -- Palestinian gunners entrenched in Gaza Strip unleashed a fresh salvo of missiles on Saturday targeting southern Israel, a spokesman of the Israeli Army said.
Suppose in a game of crash your first salvo of STRAW, HOLLY, TEPID, MINUS, and COURT draws five zeroes.
The Salvo system stops unscheduled truck departure by interlocking trailers with the loading dock door.
Since Salvo is a global product, with installations across five continents, the operating instructions on the SCP+ have been redesigned to allow understanding regardless of local language.
Jason Reed, Castell's global Salvo business manager, commented: "The new Susie further strengthens the Salvo[TM] product range and will deliver real benefits for both new and existing Salvo customers in terms of usability and operational efficiency, important issues in today's high-pressure logistics settings.
Salvo was the first system trialled and, after satisfying Vitacress's expectations, it was installed on five loading bays.
Other additions to the range include Salvo Club-which secures rigid vehicles by locking the steering wheel in place- and Salvo Bollard, a modular barrier system compatible with many kinds of access lock.
Copella Fruit Juices, part of PepsiCo, is the latest food industry member to invest in Salvo, Castell's drive-away prevention system.