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Davis continued to support Samaritan Inns by serving as a Co-Chair of Samaritan Inns' current capital campaign, the Campaign for Hope.
This affiliation will further enhance Good Samaritan Hospital's ability to diagnose and treat patients with brain, spinal, and peripheral nerve disorders.
Samaritans of Tyneside were awarded just under PS4,000 from Awards for All Big Lottery for a community project called Talking Helps - Samaritans in the Geordie Community.
So, when I had the opportunity, I volunteered and was trained to carry out Samaritan work.
Israel has politicised the issue, unfortunately," Hosni Cohen, a Samaritan priest and director of the Samaritan Museum, told Gulf News.
In the end, he sees limited value in reconstructing Samaritan history from Josephus (p.
During the year, Samaritan remained focused on developing and commercializing its robust clinical pipeline of innovative therapeutic drugs.
AMPHOCIL was in-licensed to Samaritan by Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals LLC.
Scientists at Samaritan Laboratories, Georgetown University, led the preclinical studies for Caprospinol, while Samaritan's Drug Development executives amassed the seven thousand pages of data to formulate the IND submitted to the FDA.
Patent office has notified Samaritan that it has issued Patent No.
The book concludes with a description of an extensive collection of Samaritan materials that are housed at Michigan State University.
It seems that, even after the five-plus husbands, the Samaritan woman whom Jesus encounters at the well in John's gospel continues to get around.