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The Good Samaritan Search and Recovery Act accelerates the Good Samaritan permit approval process by requiring the Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of Agriculture to issue permits to search and rescue groups for their recovery missions within 48 hours of application.
One afternoon during the holiday, Samaritan high priest Abdullah Wasef Tawfiq received a group of Palestinians, employees in the tahina factory he owns, from the neighboring village of Beit Furik.
Davis continued to support Samaritan Inns by serving as a Co-Chair of Samaritan Inns' current capital campaign, the Campaign for Hope.
When the Samaritan businessman traveled down the dangerous road from Jerusalem to Jericho and encountered a man set upon by robbers, he did what every one of us wants to do: He helped the victim.
The most striking textual element in this confrontation is the keri u-khetiv regarding the Hebrew word lo in the Samaritan claim for we seek your God, as ye do; and we do sacrifice unto Him [lo] (Ezra 4:2).
Samaritans of Tyneside were awarded just under PS4,000 from Awards for All Big Lottery for a community project called Talking Helps - Samaritans in the Geordie Community.
Israel has politicised the issue, unfortunately," Hosni Cohen, a Samaritan priest and director of the Samaritan Museum, told Gulf News.
It was only when Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan that this term of abuse was turned into a byword of Christian charity.
He helpfully argues that the Samaritan portrait stands as a foil for Josephus' more positive portrait of the Jews (p.
Samaritan has three strategies to drive revenue growth, support clinical trials, and ultimately generate profit.
Greeson, CEO of Samaritan Pharmaceuticals, stated, "We are really looking forward to having another revenue-generating product to launch, and sell, in Greece and Cyprus.
Greeson, CEO of Samaritan Pharmaceuticals, stated, "The long race to develop a cure, or even a viable treatment, for Alzheimer's disease is quickly turning into a sprint for Samaritan.