same conditions

See: status quo
References in classic literature ?
I have remembered it, for every morning it was repeated under exactly the same conditions.
All the while the poor condemned creatures were preparing to their death, and the ordinary, as they call him, was busy with them, disposing them to submit to their sentence--I say, all this while I was seized with a fit of trembling, as much as I could have been if I had been in the same condition, as to be sure the day before I expected to be; I was so violently agitated by this surprising fit, that I shook as if it had been in the cold fit of an ague, so that I could not speak or look but like one distracted.
For," says he, "I have saved your life on no other terms than I would be glad to be saved myself: and it may, one time or other, be my lot to be taken up in the same condition.
Second, unless waived by the employee, the employer is obligated to maintain the employee's insurance coverage under any "group health plan" during the period of leave at the same level of coverage and under the same conditions that existed prior to the leave.
Fourth, health insurance coverage should be examined to ensure mechanisms exist to continue coverage at the same levels and under the same conditions as if the employee were not on leave.
The scientific method hinges on the ability of researchers to perform reproducible experiments: What one scientist has measured, another can replicate under the same conditions.
Pregnant women who are able to work must be permitted to work on the same conditions as other employees; and when they are not able to work for medical reasons, they must be accorded the same rights, leave privileges and other benefits, as other workers who are disabled from working.