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Only when a new sample comes from the chemist, there's a bit of a break.
You're always talking about the wonders of human nature, and here I am giving you another sample of it and you ain't appreciating it.
And the foregoing is a sample of the ten days I spent in the Bonin Islands.
A sample, a fair sample, of the antic tricks we cut up on the beach of Manatomana.
Newton," said Barbicane, "is the most perfect type of these annular mountains, of which the earth possesses no sample.
And I then told him of the coco sample which Poirot had taken to be analysed.
If Bauerstein's the murderer, nothing could be simpler than for him to substitute some ordinary coco for his sample, and send that to be tested.
A total of 7 of 69 water samples were positive by reverse transcription-PCR.
Q We use the visual comparison method to rate sectioned samples for hydrogen level to evaluate solidified reduced pressure samples.
Using the standard test method, samples are compressed at room temperature, placed in a hot air oven for a specified period, and then removed immediately from the fixture and allowed to cool in an uncompressed state on a thermally nonconductive surface to room temperature.
In addition, we participated in a study in which Monsanto sent 25 urine samples to the CDC for analysis.
While quantitative researchers use complex mathematical formulae to make sample size considerations, and they promote the use of random sampling (even though the overwhelming majority of studies utilize non-random samples), sample size considerations in qualitative studies are neither mathematical nor systematic.