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The Holy Spirit causes our sanctification by the following: the communion of saints or the Christian Church, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting.
Generally, sanctification intensifies one's emotional reaction and motivations regarding the sanctified object.
Although no research exists regarding the sanctification of the division of household labor, sanctification has been studied with respect to marriage.
Mahoney and her colleagues argue that the key psychospiritual construct embedded in religiousness is sanctification (see Mahoney, Pargament, & Hernandez, 2013 for a recent review of this construct and its influence in the family domain).
NNA - 23/02/2011 Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir officiated Wednesday at Saint Peter Church of Vatican, on the occasion of Saint Maroun statue sanctification.
A 20-acre plot has been acquired for this purpose where Bhoomi Pooja (Ground Worship and Sanctification Ceremony) was held in the recent past when priests invoked the blessings of Goddess Earth as per Vedic traditions.
In contrast, the grand rabbi of the Slonim Hassidic dynasty declared, In the struggle over the sanctification of God, even if they stand us before a firing squad, we will not cave in and will not compromise
The manuscript is organized around the following six themes, each constituting one chapter: creation, fall, redemption, philanthropy, sanctification and service, and eschatology.
First Lady of Kyrgyzstan Tatiana Bakieva today attended the sanctification ceremony of the Holy Mother Church bell tower in the village of Leninskoye, Alamudun rayon today.
The concept of sanctification is an important one to Struthers and he stresses it throughout the book: Our sexual nature isa force that we must harness and direct to aid in the process of sanctification toward becoming holy.
He proposes a typology of "ecologies of grace" using the classic categories of redemption, sanctification, and deification.
I'M less inclined to defend Ashley Cole than Robert Mugabe, but the sanctification of his wife has started to earn even that snake a slither of sympathy.