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a rule of conduct to be followed in a particular situation (John 17: 17--haghiason autous = sanctify them).
CrossFit Sanctify opened in December of 2010 and offers CrossFit Level 1 classes as well as an introductory On-Ramp program.
Sanctified" is a work of sensitivity, sincerity, and sanctify.
of New Mexico) examines two areas of acequia-related activity--the traditional reparto de aguas (division of waters) and the religious rituals that sanctify agriculture and place--in an exploration of the relationship between water sharing, belief, and attachment to place in the Taos Valley.
We are, on the contrary, vocation-rich, with scores of lay ministers answering their baptismal call to teach, sanctify, and serve God's people.
It was made to sanctify food, the bed, each other and ourselves.
In the circumstances God places me, with the means He offers me, I can sanctify my own life.
That should not lead to a mistake that Sullivan was a bit too eager to make--to sanctify someone who does not deserve it.
Furiously because s/he is slowly turning to gold, insides first and then the skin, flaking off into a filament precious enough to repay all of her debts but not valuable enough to sanctify his horrible past of racial violence and sexual victimization.
Whether it's evangelical Protestants planting Ten Commandments monuments on government property or Roman Catholic clergy coercing Catholic legislators with religious sanctions, the effort is the same, to make laws and practices conform to conservative Christian doctrines--to sanctify the state.
Baillargeon gets personal, and although she clearly loves Jutra as a friend, neighbour and professional collaborator, she doesn't sanctify him.