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We live in a society where our ministers of moral manipulation eulogise that ours is a culture guided by a divinity louder - and harsher - than most, and a certain degree of veneration for these symbols of sanctimony.
Without self-pity or sanctimony, the author reminds us in this rare and generous book that there is no remedy for death.
Anybody in the pubic square making statements has a certain sanctimony that fuels it, but to lay it open that baldly on a regular basis would be tiresome.
Although the author seems moved on occasion to flash his progressive bona fides, he is for the most part commendably even-handed and largely (though not entirely) free of the sanctimony too many of his fellows display as a matter of habit.
Unlike Canada (and England), Australia did not go through a period of Victorian sanctimony, at least not regarding gambling.
To be chic was central to the Ballets Russes' mission, and it was able to resolve this emergency of ennui by dispensing with Wagner's epic sanctimony, updating the total work of art for the shortened attention spans and cosmopolitan social ambitions of the twentieth century's "kings and queens of snobbism.
Thus, President Jimmy Carter's famous 1979 "crisis of confidence" speech cautioning Americans to temper their hubris and sanctimony was rapidly overshadowed by President Ronald Reagan's optimism and assurances of technological invulnerability.
Had the author criticized the hubris and sanctimony animating America's penchant for global social engineering, his message would offer a healthy antidote to the blunders of the last eight years.
Expect political comedy without the leaflet, satire without the lecture, ridicule without the sanctimony, oh and that added extra, a helping of showbiz glitter.
He never preaches; there is not a word of sanctimony.
A political argument is not transformed into a moral argument simply because it's delivered with an enormous dollop of sanctimony.