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The capacity for domestic substitution of critical goods in the sanctioned country must be so limited that sanctions will erode the capacity of the political leadership to keep control of its population through various means, like invoking national security or a foreign bully.
The Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has sanctioned 2,17,900 more houses for six states, including Uttar Pradesh, taking the total houses sanctioned so far to 26,13,568 with a total investment of 1,39,621 crore.
Separately, this action also highlights the risk associated with online payment platforms when the financial institution is unable to restrict access for individuals and entities located in comprehensively sanctioned countries.
Ensure that "know your customer" checks are undertaken, especially when trading with sanctioned countries.
Or in the case of a single country, too many illicit activities were sanctioned that the whole country became sanctioned.
anDy Andy had been sanctioned for seven weeks for failing to fill in a week's job search in his JSA diary.
sanctions worked, with negative impacts on the business of sanctioned entities.
Thus, sanctions reduce the earnings of both the subject imposing the sanction and the subject being sanctioned, whereas rewards simply constitute a transfer of earnings from the subject giving the reward to the subject receiving the reward.
Sanctions are only as effective as the political will to implement them, writes Uli Cremer, the former foreign policy spokesman for Germany's Green Party, and many existing and aspiring trading partners of sanctioned countries are weak reeds indeed.
The authors also examined the factors associated with being sanctioned and the severity of sanctions by comparing a traditional model with an event history model.
Lewis, a cultural anthropologist, argues that the colonial world was divided into two related domains: the sanctioned domain of the colonial caste system, dominated by Spaniards, and the unsanctioned domain of witchcraft, dominated by Indians.