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Crinocerus sanctus is a major pest of cowpea but few studies have involved its natural enemies.
Caption: The spy hole Sanctus window allows a bell ringer to look down at the altar.
A flood of memories came with the Kyrie, Sanctus, and Agnus, Ave Maria (Offertory) and the Magnificat.
Tanto sea por el placer mismo del conocimiento como la utilidad que puede prestar a la Iglesia y a la verdad, este libro de Josep Amengual tiene el enorme merito de mostrar una documentacion importantisima, que habia pasado inadvertida y subrayar que ya un papa del siglo XVIII escribio que Llull era Sanctus Martyr.
Occasionally, cordial speculative informality gives way to preacherly hyperbole, as, notably, where the introduction closes announcing that the sacramental Sanctus will be an understated leitmotif, in a long rambling sentence, piling phrase on lofty phrase, to the effect that 'echoes of this song .
This community-centered event marks the grand opening of the Island's newly renovated Peachtree Point Amphitheater, featuring performances by popular Christian rock bands Sanctus Real, The Museum, and the Rhett Walker Band.
Requiem is almost a misnomer since the work consists of only an Introit, Kyrie and a multi-sectioned Sequence, beginning with the Dies Irae and ending with the lacrimosa; missing are the usual Offertory, Sanctus, Agnus Dei and closing Requiem sections.
Just occasionally there was the very slightest hint of a hiatus: the first Osanna in the Sanctus felt a tad unsafe but quickly corrected itself.
Confuciusornis sanctus, which lived 120 million years ago, was one of many evolutionary links between dinosaurs and birds, sporting the first known bird-like beak.
The chorus's controlled dynamics, particularly in the Sanctus and Benedictus segments, were particularly striking.
Sanctus Consulting Ltd, an energy consultancy which aims to help businesses reduce the cost of their gas and electricity, became a tenant of Tanfield Lea Business Centre in June 2009 and has enjoyed great success.
As for Herman's Sanctus, the composer manages to underscore both the exuberance and wonder of this familiar text while managing to breathe refreshing life into it.