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Other collections or occurrence data of sand fly specimens (including non-types, from the Old World) from the 6 repositories (USNMNH, MNH, IRD, MNHE, IP, MRC) were also examined and recorded, and will be posted to the WRBU/VectorMap website (vectormap.
But the biology of the parasite in the sand fly is also critically important in determining the outcome of infection in man.
The effect of the host blood on the biology of the sand fly, Phlebotomus papatasi (Diptera: Psychodidae) under laboratory conditions.
The new Land Rover Range Rover skimmed across the sand dunes like a sand fly
Entomologists Andrew Li, Adalberto Perez de Leon, and their colleagues started a sand fly colony to evaluate new insecticides and repellents, develop formulations, and design diagnostic tools for rapid detection of resistance.
Methodology: In this study five hundred residential houses were selected and checked out to determine the frequencies of mosquito and sand fly biting in the different regions of Kashan.
With changing environmental factors, human exposure to the sand fly vector has increased.
Our results suggest that the highest activity of the collected sand fly species occurs in third week of August that could help health authorities for prediction period of maximum risk of VL transmission and successful implementation of a control program.
sergenti was identified as vector of CL in Kabul city, however, evidence of animal reservoirs, the existence of the urban type of CL could be confirmed in Kabul city, in which the transmission cycle is limited to man and sand fly.
But leishmaniasis, he would later learn, appears weeks or months after a victim is bitten by a sand fly.