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Carrying out air emissions testing in an actual animal-production environment is expensive, and practically speaking, it's just difficult," Saner says.
Some of the bacterium's resistance genes produce proteins that essentially build a barbed-wire fence around it, says Saner.
When it's over and saner business heads prevail, more companies like Lee Valley will emerge to use the the Net and profitability, not hype, will be the engine that moves the medium forward.
DANCE, in its myriad forms, is becoming safer and saner for students, or at least that was the overall sense as the Not Just Any Body conference drew to a close in Toronto.
A growing number of older Japanese citizens are seeking a saner and more rural alternative in one of the most crowded and urbanized nations in the world.
There is a move to smaller, saner houses rather than those huge starter castles that appear in glossy magazines," says Loken, who points out that, ironically, he builds the biggest houses for the smallest families.
He warns against the limiting view of "Victorian science," reminding the reader of a "far saner eighteenth-century attitude, which viewed nature as a mirror for philosophers, an evoker or emotion, as a pleasure, a poem.
Israel takes the saner position that gays in the closet (those who, for example, may have informed their superiors of their sexual orientation, but on a confidential basis) can't get security-sensitive jobs while those who are out can work anywhere.
The convocation in Saint Louis of representative accountants from everywhere has served, as is clear upon the face of the record, to sink more than one matter of individual preference or fancied personal interest in the saner and more advanced thought of the world view or the safer and more permanent standpoint of professional advantage and advancement.
We can only pray that saner heads will prevail and a peaceful solution found.
On behalf of all those who perished, our heartfelt thanks go to the military and intelligence community and all those who have served our country with perseverance and fortitude and courage to bring this terrorist to justice and to make this a safer and saner world.
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