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She's the sanest of us all and that's what we can't cope with.
As he approaches the city by train, he notes that Italy has been relatively untouched by the arms race and that, "the Eternal City would also be by far the sanest major capital on the planet" (134).
Oregon fans cheering on the Beavers is the sanest thing to happen to the rivalry since former OSU Athletic Director Dee Andros starred in a TV commercial to promote Duck football in the mid-'80s.
Her precocious 8- year-old daughter Olivia (Rafaella Hutchinson) may be the sanest of the lot.
Armed with Aphrodite's breast-band, guaranteed "irresistible--magic to make the sanest man go mad" (14.
Dreyfuss wound up an unlikely hero, and Carell comes across as the sanest person in Sunshine.
As the great American philosopher Eli Siegel explained, art arises from the sanest possibility of mind--our ability to make a one of opposites, to find honest coherence where, ordinarily, we do not feel it.
But forcing their parents to do the same is enough to make even the sanest of caregivers lose their minds.
And when I did Proof, perhaps the sanest and most wonderfully lucid and content period of my life, I'm playing a madman.
Known as the Michael Owen option, it was probably the sanest sentence in a hot-air balloon of a story.
Boteach, the sometimes smarmy author of Kosher Sex and spiritual adviser to celebrities, emerged as one of the sanest and most dignified figures in this particular debate.
The implied message of this hilarious satire is that maintaining the status quo is the sanest solution to social unrest, which best characterizes Blanco y Negro's implicit editorial slant in the 1890s.