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Their protector, like that of the babes in the wood, must be the bird that will sing to them, "pressing sanguinely / its breast against time.
Would this apparatchik react so sanguinely if her daily ration of foamy lattes from a corporate coffee bar were withdrawn indefinitely?
It can also be read more sanguinely as a love story in which the lovers fall in love, "leave the rest of the world behind" and live on the fruits of love.
Lord Browne, former CEO of BP sanguinely asserted it won't happen any time soon.
No price, according to Gilbert Anthony Williams, was officially listed for the placement of these particular advertisements, although Michael Johnson less sanguinely notes that the Recorder generally charged 12 and a half cents per line of nine words for, according to 1867 rates, "Notices .
128) Inevitably, then, some decisions will permit tax benefits to flow to transactions that many or most legislators would have agreed should not receive them, but which perhaps are viewed more sanguinely by a judge.
What exactly is the nature of the projectile social contract that insists we run into each other so determinedly, and can we look on as sanguinely as this film, with its warmly evocative and chillingly distanced Mark Isham soundtrack, encourages?
They attribute to the "individualist feminism" of key National Party figures (Jenny Shipley, Ruth Richardson and Katherine O'Regan)--overly sanguinely, in my view--the failure of a morally conservative coalition around sexual morality and family values, in the late 20th century in New Zealand.
Again, we see the movement between the abstract and the personal, the shift between a language that recognizes pain as a disembodied phenomenon about which one might converse or write, and what asserts itself as the antithesis of that abstraction, a pain felt in one's own body, a pain that damages the ability sanguinely to communicate its reality.
Eduard Verhagen and Pieter Sauer, sanguinely defend the apparently widespread Dutch practice of killing infants deemed "life unworthy of life.
Yet life stumbles sanguinely on in this beleaguered region--and that even includes taking the occasional cool, relaxing swim on a scorching summer day.
We were discussing it as it was happening - our engineer was turning different shades of beet,'' Garofalo recalls sanguinely.