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It is usually given in doses of 25 mg to 50 mg when the PTT is elevated or when increased bleeding is observed in relation to CT loss or sanguineous dressing sites post-operatively.
Chest x-ray was consistent with left sided pleural effusion, which was sanguineous and culture negative.
An audible hum makes the insect think there are dragonflies around, while ultrasonic waves reproduce the sound of male mosquitos--each of which means, if you're a female mosquito, forget about your sanguineous snack, it's time to bug out of here before you're on the menu
Many so-called "art" films are just as sanguineous or scatological.
Replants have a tendency to have sanguineous oozing.
The control group presented sanguineous clot and granulation tissue in a small number of cases, while lymphocytes and histiocytes and alveolar bone resorption were predominant.
Five years after the centennial mark, with its sanguineous froth of celebrant volumes, a haemorrhagic trickle of three new-sponsored pretenders to the bloodstained crown have appeared.