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Perhaps it is some deep-seated, native-son confidence that Brooklyn will never quite get it together that allows me to anticipate its bruited transformation with relative sanguinity.
It is a wonder that Jefferson emerged from any of these episodes with his almost cosmic optimism intact, either a tribute to his remarkable sanguinity, or, as Crawford sometimes suggests, his less admirable ability to ignore or imagine away unpleasantness.
26) However, in contrast to a common misunderstanding, Emerson's sanguinity does not derive from a lack of depth but, like James' insistence on the will to believe, is the result of a strenuous process of wrestling with the challenge of suffering and death.
Its sanguinity recalls that capstone of the postapocalyptic genre, the 1983 movie Testament.
As a consequence of the inherent sanguinity of much public reconciliation talk, it would seem more fitting to resist what David Scott has referred to as the romantic narrative of modernity, where "history rides a triumphant and seamlessly progressive rhythm.
If that sanguinity could be bottled and uncorked for 90 minutes, week in week out at The Ricoh and spread with the verve and passionate support evident towards the closing stages of the game, I'm sure that spirit would lift the team on to greater things.
Third, it could be said that Joseph had a good self-image, enabling him to conduct himself with dignity, and providing him with sanguinity, confidence, cheerfulness, charm, and a charismatic persona even when enslaved, imprisoned, and forced to live among the dregs of Egyptian society.
And so the complex humor in his paintings and poems wounds and heals in one strike, slaying viewers and readers with sanguinity and a smile.
share his sanguinity with regard to the balancing of interests, (80) I