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ROTTERDAM (CyHAN)- Sanitas Health Foundation launched a project for the refugees living in the Netherlands.
Organization Sanitas International and GuideWell Mutual Holding Company, through their CliniSanitas joint venture, announce the opening of medical centers tailored to the needs and preferences of Hispanic consumers living in the United States.
Turns out, neither does Lidl as it's selling the Sanitas Facial Cleanser (which pretty much does the exact same job as the Clarisonic) for just PS9.
A statement on the club's website read: "After tests carried out on Gareth Bale by the Real Madrid Sanitas medical services he has been diagnosed with a muscular injury in the right pyramidalis muscle.
Following medical examinations at the Hospital Sanitas La Moraleja, chief of Medical Services Sanitas-Real Madrid, Carlos Diez, told the club's official website: "The player is in perfect condition and is ready to play for the club.
Apres les premieres radios a l'hopital Sanitas La Moraleja, il se confirme que le joueur Iker Casillas souffre d'une fracture a la base du premier metacarpien", l'os du bas du pouce, a indique le Real dans un communique.
A LIVERPOOL sports therapist has received pounds 70,000 of business angel investment, enabling it to proceed in a deal with Spanish football giant Real Madrid's Sanitas medical services.
Profit of Sanitas AB group for the first half of 2009 amounted to 2,47 million litas.
The work of the rhetoriqueurs at once modernizes and corrupts the humanist ideal of sanitas antiqua.
The England football skipper did not realise the health firm's plans when its Spanish subsidiary Sanitas bought the image rights to his Real Madrid medical for just pounds 250,000.
A trail map for one of our favorite hikes in the Boulder area, on Mount Sanitas, is detailed on the bottom of the six-pack.
James Vanderheiden, National Sales Manager, Sanitas Healthcare Products: "A major consideration is how well established the manufacturer is and what the turnover rate is on sales, distribution and service personnel.